Great News: Robeks On Ballenger To Reopen Soon


The mystery behind the sudden ‘temporary’ closing of Robeks on Ballenger Ave in Carlyle (see Google Maps image below) has been solved (since December 2010). This ‘temporary’ closure of the business has generated an enormous amount of e-mail via our contact us page. In each and every e-mail I have sent out in response, I speculated on some possible reasons behind the closure. I didn’t want to send anything out on this blog until there was some news one way or another.

While I didn’t think that the Robeks franchise was going through what Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli experienced, I did come up with some possible scenarios:

  1. The owner was losing money in the space and needed to sell the franchise.
  2. There had been a death in the family and they would re-open soon or would be sold.

Now, while I still don’t know the exact reason for the closure, Planning & Zoning staff at the City of Alexandria has posted an Administrative S.U.P. on its website for a change of ownership of the franchise. Party of Six Foods, LLC is buying the franchise and will reopen the Robeks after the administrative S.U.P. is approved. Party of Six Foods, LLC, via the document, states they own/operate seven Robeks franchises in the Northern Virginia area.

This is just a reminder that we need to support all of our local businesses in the Carlyle area.

If you have any comments regarding the proposal listed above, please contact the Planning & Zoning department staff at 703 746-4666 or email Nathan Randall about the SUP no later than April 29, 2011.

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