Recap of Last Night’s Public Safety FY2015 Budget Meeting


City Council at public safety budget meeting March 26, 2014

I attended the public safety FY 2015 Budget meeting last night  where City Council spent A LOT of time grilling City staff on the proposed move of Engine Company 204 to the West End of Alexandria, Virginia.

At the meeting, many on City Council acknowledged that response times in the West End of Alexandria, Virginia are terrible and need improvement and they also acknowledged that response times have the potential to worsen in North Old Town, Potomac Yard, Rosemont, and Del Ray if Engine 204 is moved. The City has noted in a budget memo that the response times in Old Town, Rosemont and Del Rayhave the potential of worsening from 6.5 minutes to 8.7 minutes if Engine 204 is moved. Join the movement to save Engine 204 at this link.

Some City Council members acknowledged the the West End is growing. I reminded them that SO is Potomac Yards…

During the conversation, members of the Alexandria City Council said that developers are paying to build firehouse 211, which will be located in the Beauregard area of Alexandria, in FY 2019.

If that’s the case, why can’t existing developers in Old Town, Rosemont, Del Ray, and Potomac Yards help save Engine 204?

Here are some other photos from the evening… (In the above photo, why did City Council get free food and drink and no one else? Just askin…)

Strong support here from the community for Engine 204.

Engine 204 support

Engine 204 sign done by a young member of the community.

Engine 204 sign

This Mom showing her support.


Another closeup of support.


The Alexandria City Manager getting ready to brief the City Council.


City Council and staff discussing Engine 204.

City Council at public safety budget meeting March 26, 2014

Here are some more I took:



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