Cut the Budget by Cutting Salaries in Alexandria, Virginia

City Hall in Alexandria, VA
(Image via MattDailey on Flickr)

There is a great op-ed/rant at Alexandria News which is a MUST read on the fiscal year 2015 budget in Alexandria. Click this link to read it.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Why is the City Manager giving himself a 6.6% raise (far above the rate of inflation)? He has also proposed higher salaries for his staff.
  • Alexandria Housing Development Corporation (AHDC) got a $14M loan in 2011, have they paid the City any of the money back (that certainly would help save Engine 204 eh?)?
  • Alexandria Economic Development Partnership (AEDP) – with the commercial market crashing in Alexandria, why continue funding this organization?
  • Mr. Young is proposing to eliminate about 33 positions in the Parks & Recreation department. Why go after low-level employees?

Read more at this link.

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