Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Announces Major Budget Shortfalls Ahead

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe

I told you Alexandria’s budget for next year was already facing hurdles. Turns out, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And yet, even though he’s announcing a HUGE projected shortfall, Governor McAuliffe is still pushing expanding Medicaid expansion in his remarks even though it will cost Virginia greatly.

You think he’ll announce the closure of rest areas? What are your thoughts on this?

Via Watchdog

Virginia’s bleak financial outlook just got gloomier.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe told members of the joint House and Senate money committees on Friday that Virginia is projected to rake in $2.4 billion less than it’s budgeted to spend during a three-year period. That’s almost a billion more than the shortfall state officials had projected earlier this year.

And that means there will be major budget cuts — cuts the Democratic governor said he’ll announce by the end of the year. The state also will dip into its reserves to close the money gap.

McAuliffe said Virginia needs to back off on its dependence on Washington, D.C., blaming defense cuts to Virginia’s military-heavy Hampton Roads area for much of the downturn.

Even as he emphasized that cuts need to be made, however, he also made another thing clear — he’s going to find a way to expand health care options for Virginia’s poor, and he’s ready to use the power of his executive office to do so.

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