Photo of the Day: Maury Students Lobby City Hall for Maury Schoolyard Initiative

Image via @Paul_Smedberg on Twitter

ICYMI, Maury students and parents were at Alexandria’s City Hall yesterday at a hearing on the upcoming fiscal year 2016 budget and rose to speak in support of the Maury Schoolyard Initiative. The schoolyard initiative has raised money from private citizens and the Alexandria City Public School Board has set aside money as well too. The students and parents said it’s time for the City Council to step up and help fund the project. One of the 5th graders who spoke said she was promised action on the playground in kindergarten and there has been no action since.

To learn more about the initiative, visit this link and be sure to ‘Like’ the initiative on Facebook at this link. To view last night’s speeches from the students, click here, here, and here.