Parc Meridian or Park Meridian in Alexandria’s Eisenhower East Neighborhood?


Parc Meridian Apartments on Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria, Virginia - Coming Soon!

As we told you first a couple of years ago, the Park Meridian apartments were on the way in the Eisenhower East neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia.

It appears now that the project has undergone a name change to Parc Meridian at Eisenhower Station (see difference btw/ original sign and banner above). Website (see link above) says apartments will be ready in spring 2016.

Construction progress is moving along slowly and surely as you can see in the photo below. You can keep up with the construction camera at this link.


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  • Jay

    Is this the one that was going to be 35 stories?

    Also, the progress shot seems to show a different build than the rendering at their website.


    • Hi Jay –

      No. The 35 story building is part of Hoffman which will essentially be next door to this property. Also, this property has three towers of varying lengths. Left side in progress shot is lowest, middle next highest and portion on right will rise 284 feet when done.

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