Sunday Discussion:: Flooding in Braddock Road Metro (Open Thread)


Flooding at Braddock Road & North West Street in the Braddock Road Metro neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia
Flooding in the Braddock Road neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia, especially at the Braddock Road & North West Street intersection seems to be getting worse (see photo above). While residents have identified flooding as a problem (PDF) in the past, what has the City done to rectify the issue?

Check out the photo above, taken by a follower, during last night’s intense storms. Is it just me, or does the flooding in this area of Alexandria seem to be getting worse?

Feel free to sound off about this topic, or any other topic you want to discuss in the comments below.

(Photo by @MollyGannon on Twitter)

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Flooding in the Braddock Road Metro. I live in the Braddock Road neighborhood and have been here for over 10 years. Yes, the flooding problem has gotten worse. By worse, I mean that the intensity and frequency of the floods have increased over the years. The City has done little to nothing to fix the problem other than engaging an engineering firm to study the problem and proposing that the developers who will be involved in redeveloping the neighborhood to pay to upgrade the storm sewers. Incidentally, the area is flooding as I am writing this comment.