Feedback Needed on Potomac Yard’s Ugly Neighbor – Oakville Triangle


Oakville Triangle in Alexandria Virginia

Provide feedback on the Oakville Triangle/Route 1 Corridor Vision Plan
and Urban Design Standards & Guidelines Working Draft

As readers know, the City of Alexandria, Virginia is working with residents and the owner of the Oakville Triangle, The Blackstone Group, on a major planning effort to give the not-so appealing neighbor to Potomac Yards a BIG makeover.

As a reminder, the Alexandria community is invited to review and comment on the Chapters and requirements of the Oakville Triangle/Route 1 Corridor Working Draft Vision Plan and Design Standards & Guidelines. You can leave your feedback by visiting AlexEngage, Alexandria, Virginia’d online engagement forum.

Comments received by COB Monday, July 27th will be compiled and discussed at the next Oakville Triangle Advisory Group on Monday, August 17th, 7:00 PM, Charles Houston Rec Center, 901 Wythe Street. The documents will be scheduled for review and approval by the Planning Commission and City Council in the fall.

The final Oakville Triangle & Route 1 Corridor Vision Plan and Design Standards & Guidelines are intended to provide requirements and guidance in written and graphic form for future projects in the Oakville Triangle/Route 1 Corridor Plan area.

For background information and meeting materials, please visit this link. Questions? Contact Katherine Carraway at 703.746.3855.

(Courtesy image via City of Alexandria)

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