Go Car Free in Alexandria, Virginia on World Car Free Day!


Put it away – uncar for a day

Car Free Day 2014

As we have told you, join your fellow commuters like me for part of a worldwide movement to celebrate more sustainable forms of transportation on Car Free Day, September 22. Go car-free or car-lite and make a difference by bicycling, walking, teleworking, carpooling or taking transit. After all, remember that Pope Francis’ visit commences on September 22.

To participate in this fun and worthwhile event, all you need to do is pledge to go car free in Alexandria, Virginia at this link or fill out the pledge form at this link, or call 1.800.745. RIDE, then go car free or rely less on your car by going “car lite” on Tuesday, September 22. You can win prizes!

To learn more about Car Free Day, click this link.