SUV Stolen in Alexandria’s Rosemont Neighborhood


tiquan Rosemont Alexandria, Virginia
Via Del Ray Citizens, a Rosemont resident in Alexandria, Virginia had their SUV stolen out of their driveway over the weekend. Here a photo of a similar type of vehicle above. Please keep an eye out for it readers. See more description below. If you see it, let me know and I can contact the owner.


My 2013 VW Tiguan (black, roof rack, sunroof, bear license plates, small pink peace sign to the right of rear license plate ) was stolen last night, and the police officer said stolen cars can sometimes turn up close to home. If you see it, could you please call me: 202 361 8674.

Thanks, Elisa Nebolsine

Here’s a photo of what the plate looks like:

tiquan Rosemont Alexandria, Virginia

In a followup email Elisa writes:

I’m also attaching a picture of two bikes that were found in my neighbors yard (left in the side yard) the same night). It seems likely they are stolen (one is spray-painted) and that this may be related. People can contact me or can call the Alexandria Police directly at 703 746 4444 (CASE ID: 15-177064). I think this happens a lot, but I would be grateful for all extra eyes. The car was taken out of my driveway on West Howell Ave.

tiquan Rosemont Alexandria, Virginia