Open Thread – Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Washington Masonic Monument at sunset, Alexandria, Va
We’re glad to have you stop by Red Brick Town! Have a great day, and feel free to discuss any topic you choose in this open thread.

Topics can include what is going on Alexandria, Virginia, Northern Virginia, local politics, or any other local topic of interest, in the comments. An interesting rumor going around town is that Southside 815 has leased/purchased the old Chez Andree space in the Lynhaven/Arlandria area of Alexandria. We’re trying to track that rumor down as we speak. Got any rumors you’ve heard?

Or, you can simply ask me a question about something going on in Alexandria. You can submit items about whatever you want to talk about – just please keep it clean beloved readers.

(Flickr Pool photo via Bill, on Flickr)

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There’s now a website for the townhomes going up on S. Pickett where the bowling alley used to be.


Any update on when the pizza restaurant on Duke St is going to open? It’s been “Coming Soon” for a couple years now…