Bradlee Barber Shop – Closed Temporarily #Breaking


UPDATE (10:08 AM): Heard from another source in the know that the Barber shop is closed temporarily and will RE-OPEN after January 1, 2016 under new management. My source CONFIRMS that all the barbers on staff will return when the shop re-opens.

UPDATE (9:21 AM): Had a source call me back who knows the situation and confirms the closure is likely temporary. We will keep our ear to the ground on this and as always, our readers will be the first to know. Adjusted the title of the post as well from earlier.

Bradlee Barber Shop in Alexandria, Virginia, a place where I got my first haircut when I was at MacArthur Elementary, apparently has closed temporarily. A reader tipped us off to this yesterday and I went by there this morning. The chairs are gone and the place looks abandoned. Since the original post, I have heard from a source in the know that the closure is TEMPORARY.

Calls to the shop have gone unanswered, there is nothing on the shop’s Facebook page about this and we have reached out to Bradlee Shopping Center for comment.

More to come…

Bradlee Barber Shop in Alexandria, Virginia

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