AMTRAK & VRE Delays Friday Afternoon



AMTRAK & VRE Delays due to Bridge fire

UPDATE (5:36 PM): If you take VRE, it’s going to be a LONG commute home…

Earlier updates below…

UPDATE (4:47 PM): There is some serious Murphy’s law going on today with the Amtrak, CSX, & VRE tracks today…

There is a sun kink in the rail south of L’Enfant which will further delay the trains. A Fredericksburg train is at L’Enfant now but will be delayed going south from there.

UPDATE (4:22 PM): More delays for VRE/AMTRAK…

There will be more delays coming out of Union Station due to track issues there. At this time our trains cannot depart the yard to get to Union Station.

A Fredericksburg train can proceed south since it is at Union Station. Then we have Manassas equipment moving north to get to L’Enfant which will then turn south and pickup Manassas passengers.
UPDATE (4:12 PM): Bridge OPEN – trains MOVING…


Tracks have been inspected and railroad is back open to traffic. Trains should be on the move shortly. There will be residual delays to later trains.

UPDATE (4:02 PM): Latest update… Fire(s) OUT.

UPDATE (3:59 PM): Latest update…

No AMTRAK or VRE trains heading south out of Washington DC or north into Washington, D.C. this afternoon due to a CSX bridge fire.


Firefighters are still trying to resolve issue and no estimate when rails will be open again.

Due to the expected extended delays, the Metro option is open which mean VRE customers can use Metrorail at no additional charge by presenting their validated VRE ticket or pass to a Metro station manager upon entering and exiting the system. Metro parking charges, however, are not waived.

Latest update from DC Fire & EMS:

Video of earlier fire:

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