Austin Grill & Tequila Bar Closing in Alexandria


Austin Grill Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

UPDATE (6:01 PM): Tracked down the name of the ‘new’ restaurant concept going into this space. The new restaurant will be called ‘Hen Quarter’ with a tag line of ‘Southern Fare and Free Range Cocktails’. The new restaurant goes up before the BAR this week.

After a three-month long renovation in 2014, the Austin Grill and Tequila Bar reopened in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. The restaurant reopened with not only a new look but also a new menu.

Now, in 2016, we hear the restaurant is closing its doors on May 31st. We hear the location will reopen late summer 2016 as a restaurant with Southern-inspired cuisine. No details on the new restaurant have been released yet.

Heard back from a representative for the owner Thompson Hospitality who confirmed the news.

Thanks for reaching out. You have heard correctly.

We’re re-opening in late July and will be sure to reach out with more information as we get closer.

We hear that Austin Grill has also closed the Silver Spring location as well as the one in Washington, D.C.  We also heard that staff was caught a bit off guard by this news recently at a staff meeting. See the photo below we obtained from one of our sources.

More updates on this as information becomes available. The closest Austin Grill location to Alexandria is the one in Springfield.

Austin Grill