City Council Approves Food Trucks in Alexandria


DC Slices food truck at Alexandria's Birthday celebration on July 12, 2014

Food Trucks allowed on streets near three Metro stops

UPDATE (12:09 PM): Added Braddock Road location & map.

On Tuesday night, the Alexandria City Council unanimously approved three of the five locations proposed for food trucks to do on-street vending in Alexandria, Virginia. The City Council approved all three locations recommended by the Traffic and Parking Board.

The new ordinance will allow food truck vending from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm and a food truck may vend no longer than four continuous hours at one location. The locations are expected to have 4 parking spaces designated for food truck parking and that would accommodate up to three food trucks.

All three are near Metro stations with one on the 2200 block of Eisenhower Ave in front of the AAA office near the Eisenhower Avenue Metro Station. The King Street-Old Town Metro Station location will be in the 1700 block of King Street at King Street Gardens. The Braddock Road Metro Station location is the 800 block of North West Street just north of the station area. The two locations proposed for the Old Town North area were not approved. To see a map of the locations, click this link (PDF).

The City Council discussion focused on whether to create a new advisory group to monitor implementation and collect community input. The Council did not consider a motion on that. In addition, there were questions about the process for adding new locations in the future. Any additional locations proposed would be based on criteria in the ordinance, will be considered by the Traffic and Parking Board first and then final approval by City Council. After the initial 6 months for the three approved locations, there is supposed to be an assessment prepared to look at how these initial locations have done.

The locations are expected to be activated in the near future.

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