Mass Transit in Alexandria, Virginia

Metrorail - an example of mass transit in Alexandria, Virginia


Alexandria, Virginia is serviced by four (4) stations in the Metrorail system. To get to Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, get off at the King Street – Old Town Metro Station which services the Yellow & Blue lines. For Eisenhower East, use the Eisenhower Ave Metro Station on the Yellow line. To get to the West end of Alexandria, Virginia, use the Van Dorn Street Metro Station.  For additional details, schedules, or to plan your trip, visit

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Metrobus has a number of bus lines that run through Alexandria, Virginia that stop at all Metro stations.  For additional details, schedules, or to plan your trip, visit

Dash Bus

The Dash Bus system in Alexandria, Virginia provides convenient, express service from various points in Alexandria, Virginia. You can find Dash Bus route schedules at this link.

Richmond Highway Express

Richmond Highway Express, nicknamed “REX” is a bus route operated by the WMATA (the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) in partnership with Fairfax County, the City of Alexandria, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Federal Government. The REX is a limited stop express bus that serves the Richmond Highway corridor. Before the REX, riders from Fort Belvoir had many stops to make along Richmond Highway enroute to Huntington Metrorail Station and to the King Street Metrorail Station.

REX buses operate every 15 minutes in both directions on Richmond Highway during weekday rush hours. During non-rush hours and on Satuday the REX comes through every 30 minutes. Then on Sunday the bus only operates every 60 minutes. Buses operate between 5:30 AM and 10:00 PM Monday through Saturday, and 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM on Sunday.

The REX uses special technology which allows REX buses to sustain green lights in order to move more quickly up and down Rt. 1. The REX bus has low-floor buses for quicker boarding and SmartCard for quicker paying. The REX has only a limited number of stops including one in Carlyle on Dulaney Street and one near the Eisenhower Ave Metro Station.