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Friday, July 20, 2018
Did you know? Easter is a moveable feast, meaning it is not fixed in relation to the civil calendar. The First Council of Nicaea (325) established the date of Easter as the first Sunday after the full moon (the Paschal...
Was coming home from work last night and noticed this vandalism on the steps leading to the stage area in John Carlyle Square Park. If you see anyone doing something like this around our neighborhood, feel free to call...
Now that the warmer weather is here, the folks at King Street Station, located across from Carlyle, have turned the water fountain located in the square back on. It's kind of tricky to pick when to run the water...
Looks that way. JM Zell has been actively looking for a tenant for the Carlyle Plaza One development located at 725 John Carlyle Street over in South Carlyle (Block P) since their original tenant bailed during the onset of the...
Much to many people's surprise, the crocus bulbs that were planted last fall in John Carlyle Square Park in Carlyle survived the extreme winter we recently experienced. You see, when the park was designed, there were several historical interpretation features included...
The annual skating rink located at Pentagon Row in Arlington was dismantled. Now that were past the horrible winter we experienced and the weather is turning warmer, the rink must go. If you need to skate through the spring...
The Starbucks located at the Westin hotel in Carlyle celebrated its one year anniversary this week.

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