This is a nice spot for lease along the King Street corridor in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. The property previously housed Brueggers Bagels before they closed suddenly in December 2017.
In honor of George Washington’s birthday in Alexandria, Virginia, as part of the annual cherry challenge, participating restaurants will create unique, cherry-centric dishes. Details...
No matter what your interests are there's always something to do in Alexandria, Virginia. From regular LIVE music to farmer's markets to community events, see all the events happening every week in Alexandria, Virginia.
Each year, the City of Alexandria, Virginia honors the memory and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with its annual Poster Exhibition at Alexandria’s City Hall. Check out the 2018 posters here.
Via, here’s a list of over 100 open houses that you can visit taking place this Super Bowl weekend (February 3-4, 2018) in Alexandria, Virginia. 
Want the latest local Alexandria, Virginia news and events wherever you are? Download our FREE mobile app for your smartphone or tablet. Details...
Via Nextdoor, this orange & white tabby cat was found up on the Episcopal High School campus in Alexandria, Virginia. Person who found the cat has alerted the local Animal Welfare Leagues in Alexandria & Arlington.

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