ArcticBreeze Review – Arctic Air personal air conditioner review

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Product description
-Creat a personal cooling zone
-Cools temperature of personal space by up to 6 – 8 degrees
-Strong wind but Quietly operation
-Choose from 3 speeds and adjust the airflow
-Up to 6-8 hours humidifiering time
-Low energy consumption
-Just add water,plug it in ,and turn it on.
-Auto shutoff when out of water
-Not designed to cool entire room

-Power: 350W
-Water tank capacity: 350ml
-Winds speed: 3 modes (High / Medium / Low)
-Noise: In less than 68dB (A)
-Product size: 5.8*5.5*5.5inches
-Spray Time: 6-8 hours

1. Keep the small personal air cooler blance, don’t tilt it when working.
2. Add pure water or household tap water, to avoid affecting the cooling function.
3. Adding 3/4 Water in the Tank is the best, Do Not Full Filled.
4. Please run out of the water everytime, to prevent the water tank left some scale.
5. Use Cup brush or toothbrush clean the water tank once a week, keep clean and healthy.

Package includes:
1 x Personal Air cooler
1 x USB Adapter
1 x User Manual in English

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