While most Buddhist monasteries in India offer accommodation for only those who are keen on taking a course or studying Buddhism, some of them also offer accommodation for tourists and adventure junkies looking for solitude.

Can I go live in a Buddhist monastery?

Yes, in some of the Buddhist monastery, you can help the monks as a volunteer and you can live in the monastery for certain period.

Can normal people stay in monastery?

Anyone can stay in a monastery, regardless of religion.

Can we stay in monastery in Sikkim?

Sikkim monastery circuit & homestay trek: Sikkim monastery homestay trek is intended for travellers who wish to visit Sikkim and experience local culture and tradition while staying in simple homestay accommodation and eating as local’s do.

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While living in a residential meditation and yoga ashram from 1999 to 2013, Leon devoted his life to the study and practice of meditation.
He accumulated about 15,000 hours of practice over many longer immersion retreats, including hours of silent meditation, chanting, prostrations, and mantra.
While participating in a "meditation marathon," he once sat in meditation for 40 hours straight. More importantly, he fell in love with meditation during this time.

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