Can you still swim with the pigs in the Bahamas? There are a number of islands in the Bahamas that now have swimming pigs, these include Exuma, Eleuthera, Spanish Wells, Abacos, Rose and Grand Bahamas.

Why are there swimming pigs in the Bahamas? Before there were pigs in the ocean, Big Major Cay was uninhabited. Then, the Bahamas Pigs arrived from the neighboring island of Staniel Cay. Staniel Cay was once a prominent farming village. Farmers brought the pigs to the adjacent island of Big Major Cay because of the pigs rank stench.

What part of the Bahamas can you swim with pigs? The Bahamas’ beach pigs live on Big Major Cay, one of the over 365 islands in Exuma, a district of the Bahamas. Also known as Pig Beach (for obvious reasons), the island is about 82 miles southeast of Nassau, and about 50 miles northwest of George Town. It is entirely uninhabited by humans.

Can you swim with pigs in Nassau Bahamas? If you’re staying in Nassau or The Exumas, you can easily book a day trip to see the swimming pigs. Your adventure includes a boat tour through The Exuma Cays.


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Can you still swim with the pigs in the Bahamas? – Additional Questions

Do the pigs in the Bahamas bite?

Pigs Can Bite – Beware. We had an incredible time when we went to Pig Beach. If you arrive early in the morning, feed the pigs first before you get out of the boat.

What to know before going to Bahamas?

Safety, Entry Requirements and COVID-19

All travelers both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated are required to test negative no more than three days prior to entry into any Bahamian island; this rule is also in place for inter-island travel from the islands of Nassau, Eleuthera, Inagua, Paradise Island and Grand Bahama.

How much does it cost to swim with pigs in the Bahamas?

Exuma Water Sports is a highly rated tour operator that offers half day- and full-day swimming with pigs tours. Tours with this outfitter cost $168 per person for a half-day excursion and $350 per person for a full-day trip.

Where can I swim with pigs in Nassau?

Pig Beach is located in a section of Bahamian islands known as The Exumas, an archipelago of 365 cays and islands beginning just 35 miles southeast of Nassau. Regardless of how the swimming pigs arrived, they’ve figured out how to survive on Pig Beach and they’re now a major part of The Bahamas’ ecotourism scene.

Can you swim with the pigs at Atlantis?

Once there, you’ll interact with the world-famous swimming pigs, feed ancient Rock Iguanas, swim with gentle Nurse Sharks, enjoy a true-true Bahamian buffet lunch and be awed by the pristine beauty of an Exuma beach or sand bar. 5 cays, 1 FABULOUS day!

Are the pigs in the Bahamas OK?

Bottom line—the pigs are not living out long lives of freedom on a deserted island in the Bahamas. Sure, it’s better than a factory farm, but Pig Island is no paradise for pigs.

Do you need a passport to go to the Bahamas?

Entry, Exit and Visa Requirements

U.S. citizens are generally required to present a valid U.S. passport when traveling to The Bahamas, as well as proof of anticipated departure from The Bahamas. Those traveling to The Bahamas on a cruise may use another Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant document.

Can you swim with sharks in Nassau?

Compass Cay swim with sharks is just one of the many experiences that you can look forward to in the Exuma Cays. This sub-archipelago in the Bahamas is one of the world’s top destinations, and for good reason.

Are shark attacks common in the Bahamas?

Unprovoked shark attacks are rare. In a ten-year period ending in 2016, the Bahamas saw just four shark attacks, and only one was deadly. But this is the second shark attack in recent weeks: On June 26, Jordan Lindsey was killed when she was attacked by three sharks off the coast of Rose Island.

Are great white sharks in the Bahamas?

Great White May Be Leading Scientists to a Shark Nursery, As 15-foot Predator Located Off Bahamas. A 15-foot-long great white shark has been tracked to near the Bahamas and researchers believe the female could soon reveal the site of a great white shark nursery.

Is there a lot of sharks in Bahamas?

Divers and marine enthusiasts will agree that The Bahamas is one of the best places in the world to dive with sharks. Around 40 different species of shark have been recorded in The Bahamas’ 243,000 square miles of territorial waters, their healthy population unrivaled thanks to a 2011 country-wide ban on shark fishing.

What time of year are sharks in the Bahamas?

It’s possible to spot silky sharks patrolling the open ocean around Andros and Cat Island in the Bahamas all year-round, especially during baited shark dives.

What is the best time of year to travel to the Bahamas?

Although the beaches are more crowded, the best time to visit the Bahamas is during high season, which runs from mid-December to mid-April, making it a great spot for a warm winter getaway. Bahamian summers are generally warm and sometimes rainy, with daytime temperatures reaching about 89.7°F.

Are Tiger sharks in the Bahamas?

The very best place to see the Tiger Sharks of the Bahamas is Tiger Beach. The shallow sandy area, some 30km north-west of West End on Grand Bahama that basically put the Bahamas on the map for shark tourism. Satellite tagging of Tiger Sharks has revealed very consistent migration patterns.

What to do if you see a tiger shark while snorkeling?

What To Do If You Encounter Sharks While Snorkeling
  1. Go For A Nearest Safety.
  2. Swim Rhythmically.
  3. Seabed Movement.
  4. Defend Yourself.
  5. Attack The Eyes.
  6. Avoid Swimming Near Fishing Boats.
  7. Don’t Swim Near Dolphins And Seals.
  8. Reflective Or Shiny Items.

Will tiger sharks eat you?

Do tiger sharks attack humans? It is true that tiger sharks are considered to be particularly aggressive because of its little selectivity but accidents (and they are accidents, not attacks) with humans are rare. Keep in mind though that shark bites, all species included, are very rare.

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