PeterPeterPedro is the Spanish, Portuguese, and Galician name for Peter. Its French equivalent is Pierre while its English and Germanic form is Peter. Pedro. › wiki › PedroPedro – Wikipedia is a common masculine given name. It is derived from Greek Πέτρος, Petros (an invented, masculine form of Greek petra, the word for “rock” or “stone”), which itself was a translation of Aramaic Kefa (“stone, rock”), the new name Jesus gave to apostle Simon Bar-Jona. An Old English variant is Piers.

Does Peter mean rock in Latin?

Borrowed from Latin Petrus, from Ancient Greek Πέτρος (Pétros), from πέτρος (pétros, “stone, rock”), related to πέτρα (pétra).

What does the name Peter in the Bible mean?

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Peter is: A rock or stone.

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What name means rock in the Bible?

Zuriel. This Biblical name means “rock or strength of God.”

What did Peter mean in Greek?

Peter is a common masculine given name. It is derived from Greek Πέτρος, Petros (an invented, masculine form of Greek petra, the word for “rock” or “stone”), which itself was a translation of Aramaic Kefa (“stone, rock”), the new name Jesus gave to apostle Simon Bar-Jona.

What’s the Greek word for rock?

Noun. πέτρα • (pétra) f (plural πέτρες) rock, stone (mass or fragments)

Why did God choose Peter?

But Jesus chose Peter. The main reason could not be Peter’s character of his strength, but rather the strength of his faith. Deep down he knew himself to be weak and imperfect, hence he was convinced that his total security and strength could only come from a power greater than his own.

What name of God means rock?

Yahweh Tsuri is the Hebrew name for God, meaning the Lord is my rock. Isn’t that a perfect name for God?

What male name means rock?

Peter (Greek origin) meaning “stone” or “rock”. Peter was also the name of one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. A very common boy name in Greek. 46.

What is Paul in Latin?

Etymology. From English Paul, from Latin Paulus, paulus (“small”).

What does the name Petrus mean?

Petrus is a Latin name derived from the Greek meaning “rock”, and is the common English prefix “petro-” used to describe rock-based substances, like petros-oleum or “rock oil.” As the source of Peter, it is a common name for people from antiquity through the medieval era.

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What does Simon mean in Greek?

Ancient Greek: Σίμων (Simon). This name appears in Greek mythology as one of the Telchines. In Greek means “flat-nosed”. Συμεών is the Hellenization of the name found in the Septuagint and parts of the New Testament, this form continues in use through the mediaeval era, viz. Symeon the New Theologian.

Is Peter an Italian name?

The name Peter is boy’s name of Greek origin meaning “rock”. Peter is derived from the Greek Petros, meaning “rock” or “stone.” One of the most important figures in the Christian hagiography is Saint Peter, keeper of the Gates of Heaven.

What is the Aramaic word for rock?

The Aramaic word for ‘rock’ or ‘stone’ is kêfā — in Syriac it is written ܒܐܦܐ (kʾpʾ) and in Judeo-Aramaic כיפא (kypʾ). This noun is generally feminine, except when it refers to Peter in the Peshitta, then it is obviously masculine.

Does Petra mean rock?

Petra is a feminine given name. It is a feminine form of Peter, which is derived from the Greek word “πέτρα” (pronounced [ˈpetra]) meaning “stone, rock”.

What is the meaning of Petros?

In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Petros is: A rock. Form of Peter.

Was St Peter the rock?

Saint Peter (died between AD 64 and 68), also known as Peter the Apostle, Peter the Rock, Simon Peter, Simeon, Simon, or Cephas, was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, and one of the first leaders of the early Church.

Where is the rock of Peter?

Peter’s Basilica in Rome sitting “Upon this rock,” a reference to Matthew 16:18. Most present-day Catholics interpret Jesus as saying he was building his church on the rock of the Apostle Peter and the succession of popes which claim Apostolic succession from him.

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How was Peter called by Jesus?

Then he brought him to Jesus. Jesus looked at him and said, “You are Simon the son of John; you will be called Cephas” (which is translated Peter).

Is Peter an Irish name?

MEANING: Irish form of Peter and thus comes ultimately from Greek petros””the rock,”” it is still in common use in Ireland today.

Why was Peter so special to Jesus?

Roman Catholic tradition holds that Jesus established St. Peter as the first pope (Matthew 16:18). Jesus also gave him “the keys of the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 16:19), which is why he is often depicted at the gates of heaven in art and popular culture.

Who did Jesus love most?

In the Gospel of Mary, part of the New Testament apocrypha — specifically the Nag Hammadi library — a certain Mary who is commonly identified as Mary Magdalene is constantly referred to as being loved by Jesus more than the others.

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