How does Paperbell compare to Honeybook? Like Honeybook, Paperbell is an online software tool for running your business. Paperbell’s core features are billing, appointment scheduling, contract signing, client management, and digital product delivery. Unlike Honeybook, Paperbell is exclusively for coaches and consultants.

Is Paperbell a CRM? With Paperbell client management software, it’s finally easy to find out! Our CRM for coaches shows you the complete revenue history of each client, as well as each package. This allows you instant clarity on what used to be some of the toughest decisions in a coaches business.

What is a Paperbell? What is Paperbell? Paperbell is a scheduling, payment, contract signing, and client management tool, designed just for coaches.

Can I book for my clients using Paperbell? Book new” button if you would like to schedule an appointment on your client’s behalf. This option will only become available when you have at least one client who has purchased a package from you and is in your Paperbell system.

Is Paperbell Hipaa compliant?

No. Paperbell is not HIPAA compliant.

Can I book for my clients using Paperbell I don’t want them to be able to book themselves?

A Paperbell package does not have to include appointments – simply disable the “appointments” option in your booking. If there are no appointments, no booking options will be presented to your client. However, PROCEED WITH CAUTION! We strongly suggest you use this option if the package truly has no appointments.

Does Paperbell integrate with squarespace?

You can embed your booking calendar right onto your website like this (works with WordPress, Squarespace, Wix or any other other site builder). Or, send a link to your package page or booking calendar.

Does Paperbell integrate with Quickbooks?

Yes! You can download all of your Paperbell transactions into your accounting software whether that’s Xero, Quickbooks, Sage, Wave, or Freshbooks.

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