This list highlights the main festivals celebrated in most Taoist temples, organized by lunar month. Some of the larger festivals—e.g. Chinese New Year, the Festival Of Lanterns, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Ghost Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Festival—are celebrated also as secular holidays.

Does Taoism have a holiday?

The Taoist Festival Honoring the Shen of Water, East and Spring, also known as the spring equinox, marks the equal length of night and day.

What is the major holiday of Taoism?

In Chinese culture All Souls Festival is one of the most important festivals of the year, and is celebrated by Taoist and Buddhist temples around the world. During the first half of the 7th lunar month, when the gate of the realm of the dead is opened, the souls of the deceased can be blessed and receive offerings.

Does Taoism have any rituals?

Taoist rituals involve purification, meditation and offerings to deities. The details of Taoist rituals are often highly complex and technical and therefore left to the priests, with the congregation playing little part.

Where do Taoists go to worship?

A Taoist temple (traditional Chinese: 觀; simplified Chinese: 观; pinyin: guàn, also called 道观 dàoguàn and 宫观, is a place where the Tao is observed and cultivated it is a place of worship in Taoism.

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