Is Elle Argent trans? Elle Argent is a trans girl, and went to Truham Grammar School for Boys before she came out. She transferred to Harvey Greene Grammar School for Girls following her transition and bullying from her peers in year 11.

Are Tao and Elle dating? Tao Xu, portrayed by William Gao, is a recurring character in Heartstopper and Nick and Charlie. He is best friends with Tara Jones, Aled Last, Isaac Henderson, Nick Nelson, Darcy Olsson, Charlie Spring, and Sahar Zahid, and is the boyfriend of Elle Argent.

What is a trans woman in simple terms? A trans woman is a woman who was assigned male at birth. Trans women have a female gender identity, may experience gender dysphoria, and may transition; this process commonly includes hormone replacement therapy and sometimes sex reassignment surgery, which can bring relief and resolve feelings of gender dysphoria.

How old is Nick in Heartstopper? Kit Connor plays Nick Nelson, the rugby boy who is called a “golden retriever” and whom everyone has fallen in love with. In Heartstopper Nick is year 11, making him 16 years old, but Kit is 18 in real life.


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Is Elle Argent trans? – Additional Questions

What race is Charlie Spring?

Charlie is white and multi-ethnic with his mother being from the United Kingdom while his father being from Spain; as a result, he has a light tan pigment. Charlie has inherited his father’s black hair, though he’s the only Spring to have naturally curly hair, and has inherited his mother’s blue eyes.

What does Nick Nelson smell like?

Hints of lavender and cedar ground the fragrance for the perfect Nick Nelson scent. All our candles come wrapped and ready to be gifted!

How much older is Nick than Charlie?

Charlie is one-year below Nick. Since it was school gossip, Nick already knew Charlie was gay and that he was bullied for it, but the two guys barely knew each other. That is, until January, when Charlie and Nick are placed in the same form group.

What is the age difference between Nick and Charlie?

Due to being nearly two years older than Charlie, Nick has to worry about graduating and what university to go to.

Is Nick older than Charlie?

While Charlie is just 15, Isle of Man native Joe Locke is 18 years old. Only a three-year difference but still legal enough to not be considered a child actor. Kit Connor plays Charlie’s love interest, rugby player Nick Nelson. A year 11 student, he’s at least one year older than Charlie at either 16 or 17 years old.

Is Tori older than Charlie?

Tori is the older sister of the main character Charlie. She first appears in chapter 2 of the comic and is seen every now and then throughout the series from there.

Is Aled last Nonbinary?

Alice and many others believe that sometime in the future, Aled will come to identify as non-binary. Official art depicting Aled in the future shows him wearing androgynous clothing and styling his hair androgynously. This is not canon, however, and people can believe whatever they want to in this regard.

Who is asexual in Heartstopper?

Tori Spring is an asexual character from Heartstopper.

What mental illness does Tori Spring have?

Since SOLITAIRE was published, Tori Spring has been called many things. She has been called an overdramatic, silly teenage girl. She has been called whiny and annoying. She has been diagnosed with severe depression, has been pronounced mentally ill, and I have been lauded for my portrayal of depression in young adults.

Is Charlie Spring anorexic?

He suffers from OCD, anorexia, anxiety and depression throughout the course of Heartstopper and Solitaire.

Why is Heartstopper inappropriate?

It mainly has this rating because of some of the language used in the series. If it’s anything like the graphic novels, a few swear words and some homophobia from a few of the kids at the school are the only things you need to worry about.

What is Tori drinking in Heartstopper?

Charlie is the only person who still calls her “Victoria”. (Not counting Michael and Lucas, who stopped calling her Tori at some point in the book.) Tori is obsessed with diet lemonade, and drinks it on a very frequent basis.

Do Nick and Charlie break up?

Do Nick and Charlie break up or end up together? Fans will be delighted to know that Nick and Charlie do end up together. As this is a teen romance, a happy ending is to be expected, however, as this is a TV series some were concerned the characters’ indecision would be dragged into another season.

How old is Tori Solitaire?

Solitaire is about Tori Spring, a Year 12 student who doesn’t really have any close friends.

Is Tori Spring Charlie’s sister?

Throughout the series, which champions and celebrates a queer love story between school boys Charlie and Nick, the former’s older sister Tori provides emotional support. She advises Charlie as he deals with the ups and downs of life as a young gay teenager.

What gender is Elle in Heartstopper?

And he is still trying to adjust to his shrinking group of school friends after Elle, a Black transgender girl, transferred to the all-girls school midway through the year.

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