Is it correct to say don’t take it personal? ‘Don’t take it personally’ is correct, because personally refers to the verb take and is an adverb. It tells you how not to take it. Personal is an adjective and so can only refer to a noun or pronoun. ‘Don’t take it personal’ is common enough as colloquial talk.

How do you respond to don’t take it personally? Unfortunately, if you say literally anything in response to this, it will sound defensive. So your best tactic is to simply smile and say, “Okay, thank you.” (I know, it hurts.)

Is it don’t take it personal or don’t take it personally? A fair number of people will say “take it personal”, but I think many more people say, “take it personally“, since it is correct.

What does not personally mean? adjective. not personal; without reference or connection to a particular person:an impersonal remark. having no personality; devoid of human character or traits: an impersonal deity. lacking human emotion or warmth: an impersonal manner.


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Is it correct to say don’t take it personal? – Additional Questions

Why you should take nothing personally?

When we don’t take things personally, it gives us more power over our thoughts, feelings, and actions. When we don’t take things personally, we recognize the individuality of others, their uniqueness; we accept that other people are different from us.

How do you take nothing personally?

How To Stop Taking Things Personally
  1. Stop Worrying About What Other People Think.
  2. Know Your Worth.
  3. Don’t Jump To Conclusions.
  4. Let Things Go.
  5. Fill Your Calendar.
  6. Don’t Climb Down.

What does the word personally?

Definition of personally

1 : in person attend to the matter personally. 2 : as a person : in personality personally attractive but not very trustworthy. 3 : for oneself : as far as oneself is concerned personally, I don’t want to go. 4 : in a personal manner don’t take this personally.

What’s a word for not taking things personally?

Some common synonyms of unconcerned are aloof, detached, disinterested, incurious, and indifferent.

What does it mean when someone takes everything personally?

Usually, people who take things personally refuse to admit it. They often project how they feel onto others, justify their emotional states, and make a mountain out of a molehill. They react to what they think is happening, not to what is happening.

What does its personal mean?

adj. 1 of or relating to the private aspects of a person’s life.

What is a example of personal?

The definition of personal is about you, related to you or affecting you, as opposed to the outside world or to anyone else. An example of personal information is your name, address, phone number and social security number.

What is the synonym of personal?

distinctive, characteristic, unique, individual, one’s own, particular, private, peculiar, exclusive, idiosyncratic, individualized, personalized. rare especial.

What is personal situation?

5 referring to, concerning, or involving a person’s individual personality, intimate affairs, etc., esp. in an offensive way.

What are personal reasons?

“personal reasons” are a specific type of reason and are intened to add qualitative information. The point is to distinguish between generally accepted reasons that I would inform you about, such as illness, versus reasons that are of a personal nature that I’d rather not going into with my ~boss~.

What is a family situation?

a a primary social group consisting of parents and their offspring, the principal function of which is provision for its members. b (as modifier) family quarrels, a family unit. 2 one’s wife or husband and one’s children.

What family circumstances means?

family circumstances: problems caused by unemployment, divorce, or some unusual family circumstances.

What are some family problems?

Family Problems
  • Different personalities clashing and disagreements over ways of doing things.
  • Jealousy or fighting between brothers and sisters.
  • Parents arguing.
  • Divorce or separation.
  • New step-parents or step-brothers and sisters.
  • A parent or relative having mental health problems, disabilities or illness.

What are personal circumstances examples?

circumstances. Example of appropriate evidence. Serious personal accident, injury or illness (including mental health) of self, close family member or significant other. Medical certification, hospital letters, hospital appointments, copy of prescription or medication, letter from a counsellor.

What to say to someone who is having personal issues?

‘It’s not that bad’ ‘Things will get better’

Instead, listen to what they are going through:

  • ‘Can you tell me more about what’s going on for you?’
  • ‘If you want to tell me more, I’m here to listen’
  • ‘It sounds like you’re dealing with a lot at the moment’
  • ‘I’m really sorry to hear that you’re feeling like this right now’

Is it OK to tell your boss your personal issues?

It’s worth telling your manager about your personal problem if there’s something you need at work—but you have to know specifically what you’re asking for. So think through whatever accommodations or requests you need before you open up the conversation.

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