Is it correct to say on a daily basis? in a daily basis vs on a daily basis

The correct phrase is “on a daily basis,” not “in a daily basis.”

Is it on a daily or on the daily? They do it on the daily. Consider the part “on the daily”. Daily is a noun as it is preceded by a preposition. But most of the dictionaries define “daily” as a noun as either a newspaper or any servant.

Is it daily bases or daily basis? The correct phrase is 1 2 basis (basis = a metaphorical base). that this rule can detect: We will do this on a daily bases.

What is another phrase for on a daily basis? 

What is another word for on a daily basis?
daily quotidian
produced every day once daily
per diem day after day
day by day once a day
from day to day occurring each day


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Is it correct to say on a daily basis? – Additional Questions

How do you use daily basis in a sentence?

He wants people to be aware of the difficulties the less fortunate of us have to deal with on a daily basis. “I started up with two to three times a week, and now I am doing it almost on a daily basis.

How do you use daily basis?

Then, almost on a daily basis, they oscillated between the old and new homesteads. They also show the way in which identity is negotiated on a daily basis, coexisting with new and rediscovered forms of individualism. These observations were made on a daily basis for at least 3 weeks.

What’s a word for doing something daily?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for everyday, like: daily, routine, every-day, , usual, common, normal, special, quotidian, widespread and workaday.

What is another word for regular basis?

What is another word for on a regular basis?
periodically regularly
religiously rhythmically
with regularity

What is the synonym of daily?

Synonyms for daily. day-to-day, diurnal, quotidian.

What is another word for regularly?

In this page you can discover 73 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for regularly, like: frequently, consistently, usually, systematically, habitually, normally, repeatedly, usual, punctually, as a matter of course and conventionally.

What does on a regular basis mean?

(idiomatic) Regularly; occurring in regular time intervals or patterns.

What is a synonym for basis?

starting point, base, point of departure, beginning, premise. fundamental point, fundamental principle, principal constituent, main ingredient, cornerstone, core, heart, thrust, essence, kernel, nub, underpinning, groundwork. 3’those who are studying on a part-time basis’

What is the full meaning of basis?

: something on which another thing is based or established : foundation The story has its basis in fact. basis. noun.

What kind of word is basis?

noun, plural ba·ses [bey-seez]. the bottom or base of anything; the part on which something stands or rests. anything upon which something is based; fundamental principle; groundwork.

What does form the basis mean?

the most important facts, ideas, etc. from which something is developed: This document will form the basis for our discussion.

What is the example of basis?

The basis is defined as the foundation of something, or as a concept or a necessary part of something. An example of a basis is the foundation of a house. An example of a basis is the reason for which someone may choose to affiliate himself with a specific party.

What is the difference between basic and basis?

Basic means necessary or essential for life or some process. Ex.. Flour is basic ingredient for bread. Basis means physical base or foundation, regular frequency.

What is the difference of base and basis?

Here’s the difference: Bases is the plural form of the noun “base.” It means “a foundation or groundwork.” It can also be the third-person singular present form of the verb “to base.” As a verb, it means “establishes or lays a foundation.” Basis is a noun that means “a fundemental principle or a basic unit.”

What is a weekly basis?

adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] A weekly event or publication happens or appears once a week or every week.

What does on a monthly basis mean?

Monthly Basis means all days of month including public holidays and Sunday.

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