SelfCam Pro Review 2020 | User Experience Review

SelfCam Pro Review 2020
Change your selfie game with SelfCam Pro –

Photography has become an integral part of our life. Be it any trek, birthday celebration, or a simply casual hangout, we all take tons of photos and videos. All we’d like maybe a stable and innovative assistant which will help us record wonderful videos and amazing photos.
Enter the SelfCam Pro. rather than stretching our arms to click photos and videos, the SelfCam Pro stick is there as our assistant. It not only acts as a selfie stick but also a tripod that’s not stable but also controlled remotely via Bluetooth connection or remote provided within the stick.

Selfie stick tripods take this premise one step further, as they need a dual purpose. Firstly, this combo device is employed as a typical selfie stick that you simply hold. Secondly, it’s used as a transportable tripod that’s wont to take photos from a distance, without having to carry your smartphone.
What is SelfCam Pro

Features Of SelfCam Pro
Stretchable Stick
For an honest photo, you would like technique. Best photos, you would like technique and a lengthy yet stable selfie stick. once you unfold Selfcam Pro, it converts to a selfie stick of length 40 inches with additional gravity control thanks to its center of weight balance. this is often a perfect length that’s neither too far for creating awkward pictures that you simply got to crop nor too short that the frame is little. At this length, you’ll click great group photos without blur.

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