What age are Humphrey books for? The lexile range for the Humphrey series is roughly 640-730 which translates to a 3rd-5th grade reading level, regardless of your child’s chronological age.

What are the Humphrey books in order? 

According to Humphrey Series/Books

Do you have to read the Humphrey books in order? The stories are sequential in terms of character development but the main plots are relatively independent in each book. It’s probably best to read these in order, but not critical. Ages 7-11.

What is the story The World According to Humphrey? Written by Betty G. Birney, The World According to Humphrey, published in 2004, is a children’s novel about a golden hamster named Humphrey who makes a positive difference in the lives of the students and staff at Longfellow School.

Why does Humphrey say things in threes?

Readers often ask me why Humphrey repeats things three times. I answer that it’s because it makes him seem small and excitable. The truth is, it was an unconscious (or subconscious) choice. Yes, it probably looked ordinary, but March 10, 2002 turned out to be a very good day for Humphrey and me!

Who wrote The World According to Humphrey?

Betty G. Birney
The world according to Humphrey / Author

Betty G. Birney has written episodes for numerous children’s television shows, including The New Adventures of Madeleine, Doug, and Bobby’s World, as well as after-school specials and a television movie, Mary Christmas.

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How did Humphrey get the Thomas family to play together?

How did Humphrey get the Thomas family to play together? He pushed their old board games out of the closet.

Who are the characters in Humphrey?

The first book in the series introduces us to Humphrey, Mrs. Brisbane (the teacher) and a cast of characters including classmates, Mr. Morales the principal and even the lovable school custodian Aldo. Through Humphrey’s eyes we learn about how what we see at school is a reflection of what may be going on at home.

Is Humphrey a guinea pig or Hamster?

Humphrey is a Golden Hamster who lives in a classroom along with a frog named Og.

Is Humphrey a Hamster?

Humphrey the hamster loves dreaming about being a pirate and watching his friends build ships. But when he mistakenly ends up at sea on the day of the boat race, he finds himself in the middle of more adventure than he bargained for! Humphrey is back in this charming story of a hamster on the high seas of hilarity.

Where does Humphrey the Hamster live?

Based in a class room, Humphrey the Hamster tells the story. Humphrey is the classroom pet and lives in a cage in room 26 next to a tank with his friend Og (the frog) in.

What did Ms Mac give to Humphrey before she took him to school?

“And since you are an intelligent hamster who is going to school, I have a present for you, Humphrey,” she said. Then she gave me a tiny little notebook and a tiny little pencil. “I got these for you at the doll shop,” she explained. She tucked them behind my mirror where no one could see them except me.

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