What is the easiest Greek island to get to from Athens? The easiest islands to get to from Athens are Hydra, Spetses, Aegina, Poros, and Agistri. These are all within a 1.5-hour ferry trip from Piraeus port and are all perfect for a day trip. If you want to take it a little further you can definitely go to Kea, Kithnos, and even Andros.

Where can you island hop from Athens? So, what islands can you visit from Athens? You can travel by ferry from Athens to nearby islands such as Aegina, Agistri, Hydra, Kea, Spetses, Poros, and Kythnos, as well as other beautiful islands of the Aegean Sea, such as Rhodes, Santorini, Mykonos, Milos, Crete, Lesbos, Kastellorizo, and so many more!

How do you get from Athens to other Greek islands? The Greek Islands can be accessed from Athens either by flying or by taking a ferry. Ferries leave from Piraeus port in Athens. Distances and travel times can vary widely, depending on your destination. Each of Greece’s islands is unique, and they all have a lot to offer.

Which Greek island is best for island hopping? Athens makes a natural start or finish to Greek island hopping. The closest Cycladic island (the best island group for island hopping) is 3 or 4 hours from Athens by ferry – and from there the magic begins.


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What is the easiest Greek island to get to from Athens? – Additional Questions

How long do you need for Greek island hopping?

Example travel times and costs (prices and schedules vary):
Route Distance Slow Ferry Time
Athens – Santorini 162 miles 8 hrs 5
Athens – Mykonos 46 miles 4 hrs 20
Santorini – Mykonos 90 miles 3 hrs 25
Naxos – Paros 12 miles 1 hr

How do I plan an island hopping in Greece?

The best way to do this is to pick your island group and try island hopping within one group of islands first before getting to another if you choose to go beyond one group at all. Each group is comprised of Greek islands that are unique but also share a common style or flavor.

What is the cheapest way to island hop in Greece?

The easiest – and cheapest – way to get around the Greek Islands is by taking the Greek ferries, which can cost as little as 7 Euros. There are multiple ferry companies offering passenger services around the Greek Islands.

What is the best way to get around the Greek islands?

The best way to travel among these islands is by boarding a fast ferry. The ferry travel times between these Greek islands vary from 2 hours to 45 minutes (Paros-Naxos). The three islands can also make an excellent escape from the bustle of Santorini and are perfect options for a one-day trip or a weekend away.

Is Naxos or Paros better?

Paros has better nightlife (though not too wild) and feels a little trendier with more shopping and boutique hotels. Naxos has just a little nightlife but more historic churches and archaeological sites. Paros has better public transportation linking its main villages to nearby beaches.

Which Greek island is Mamma Mia set on?

In the original “Mamma Mia,” the Greek island of Skopelos played the fictional island of Kalokairi. But to shoot “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” filmmakers turned to the island of Vis, off the coast of Croatia.

How long is the ferry from Athens to Paros?

Athens (Piraeus) to Paros Ferry

There are 97 nautical miles (180km) separating the Piraeus port and the Paros port, with SeaJets delivering the fastest ferry crossing from Athens to Paros in around 2 hours and 45 minutes.

How long is ferry from Athens to Naxos?

The duration of the ferry trip from Piraeus (Athens) to Naxos ranges from about 3 to 5.5 hours. The duration of the trip is roughly the same for the Rafina – Naxos route, depending on the ferry.

Is Naxos worth visiting?

There is no denying that Naxos is one of the most family-friendly islands in Greece. Boasting a relaxing vibe, great beaches and a plethora of friendly hotels, it is an ideal island for holidays with the family. To make things easier, you could rent a car and easily explore the inland villages.

How long is the ferry from Athens to Santorini?

The Athens to Santorini ferry time is usually 4 to 10 hr. The duration of the trip to Santorini depends mainly on the type of vessel and the ferry company.

How far is Athens from Milos?

The distance between Athens and Milos Island is 159 km.

Is Milos or Paros better?

Milos might be a touch cheaper but there’s a bit more choice on the hotel front over on Paros. Meanwhile, Paros is better if you’re keen to go on a driving adventure, but Milos is 100% better for launching boat trips to wild swimming spots.

Is Milos a good island?


The Greek island Milos was rated the best island in the world, as well as Europe, in a World’s Best Awards 2021 survey staged by leading US travel publication Travel + Leisure, involving the participation of many readers, who gave the island a near-perfect score of 95.5.

Is Milos too touristy?

Milos is known for its fantastic beaches which will attract a lot of tourists. Having said that Milos is less touristy than Mykonos or Santorini so should be tolerable. We were there in Oct. and it was very quiet but still nice weather and enough open to keep us happy.

Which Greek island is most beautiful?

Santorini. In Santorini the blue of the sea blends with the blue of the sky and the blue roofs of the houses. This island, ranked among the best destinations for a honeymoon in Europe, is also one of the most beautiful Greek islands. The easiest way is to book a direct flight to Santorini.

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