‘ The Buddhist place of worshipBuddhist place of worshipBuddhist monastery is the place of worship for Buddhists, the followers of Buddhism. They include the structures called vihara, chaitya, stupa, wat and pagoda in different regions and languages. Temples in Buddhism represent the pure land or pure environment of a Buddha.https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Buddhist_templeBuddhist temple – Wikipedia is called a ViharaViharaVihāra is a Sanskrit word that appears in several Vedic texts with context-sensitive meanings. It generally means a form of “distribution, transposition, separation, arrangement”, either of words or sacred fires or sacrificial ground.https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › VihāraVihāra – Wikipedia, also referred to as Temple or Centre. Buddhists worship there whenever they can. The Vihara (monastery) is traditionally the focal point for corporate worship and communal life.

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While living in a residential meditation and yoga ashram from 1999 to 2013, Leon devoted his life to the study and practice of meditation.
He accumulated about 15,000 hours of practice over many longer immersion retreats, including hours of silent meditation, chanting, prostrations, and mantra.
While participating in a "meditation marathon," he once sat in meditation for 40 hours straight. More importantly, he fell in love with meditation during this time.

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