niśvāsaḥ, ucchvāsaḥ, ānaḥ, āharaḥ.

What is Sanskrit word for passion?

IPA: pæʃənSanskrit: पैशन

What is the Sanskrit word for success?

यशस्वी व्यक्ती अगर गोष्ट ⇄ success. सफलता ⇄ success. सिद्धी ⇄ success. सुयश ⇄ success.

What is the Sanskrit word for new beginning?

Vihaan – Sanskrit for “beginning of an era.”

What is the Sanskrit word for unique?

unique – ཨུནིཨྲཱྀཨུཨེ – KST (Online Sanskrit Dictionary)

What is Sanskrit word for purpose?

IPA: pɜrpəsSanskrit: पर्पस

What is Sanskrit word for hope?

In historic literature of Hinduism, hope is referred to with Pratidhi (Sanskrit: प्रतिधी), or Apêksh (Sanskrit: अपेक्ष). It is discussed with the concepts of desire and wish.

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What is the Sanskrit word for spirit?

Ātman (Hinduism) – Wikipedia.

What is Sanskrit word for life?

जीवनम्। Sanskrit word for life is जीवनम् (jīvanam) ।

What is the Sanskrit word for growth?

Vṛddhi (also rendered vr̥ddhi) is a technical term in morphophonology given to the strongest grade in the vowel gradation system of Sanskrit. The term is derived from Sanskrit vṛddhi, IPA: [ˈʋr̩d̪d̪ʱɪ], lit. ‘growth’, from Proto-Indo-European *werdʰ- ‘to grow’.

What is the Sanskrit word for knowledge?

In Indian philosophy and religions, jñāna (Sanskrit: ज्ञान, [ˈdʑɲaːnɐ]) is “knowledge”.

What is the Sanskrit word for create?

Sanskrit mā- ‘to make, produce, create’

What is the Latin word for creativity?

Etymology. The English word creativity comes from the Latin term creare, “to create, make”: its derivational suffixes also come from Latin.

What is the Sanskrit word for Creator?

IPA: krieɪtərSanskrit: क्रीएटर / क्रीऐटर

What is Sanskrit word for destiny?

दैवम्, नियतिः, प्राक्तनम्, भवितव्यता, भाग्यम्, भाग्यवृत्तिः, यथाभावः, विधिः the ultimate agency regarded as predetermining the course of events (often personified as a woman) Synonyms : destiny.

What is Sanskrit word for journey?

bhrAmyati, bhramituM) or paribhram or paryaT (c. 1. aTati -TituM).

What is pure called in Sanskrit?

अस्सल ⇄ pure. एकदम स्वच्छ ⇄ pure. केवल ⇄ pure. केवळ ⇄ pure. केवळ, शुद्ध, मात्रा ⇄ pure.

What is the Sanskrit word for creation?

सर्गे ― sarge ― in the created world. Synonym: सृष्टि (sṛṣṭi)

What is the Sanskrit word for strength?

IPA: strɛŋkθSanskrit: स्ट्रेंगक्थ / स्ट्रेंगथ

What is Sanskrit word for excellent?

IPA: ɛksələntSanskrit: एक्सलन्ट

What is the Sanskrit word for learning?

The word अध्यापन adhyāpana is a causal word of अध्ययन adhyayana which in Sanskrit usually means learning or reading or studying. The distinctiveness of this word is that it not only refers to learning or reading or studying but it explains what exactly is meant by learning.

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What is the Sanskrit word for bliss?

ānanda, (Sanskrit: “joy,” or “bliss”), in Indian philosophy of the Upaniṣads and the school of Vedānta, an important attribute of the supreme being Brahman. Bliss is characteristically used in the Taittirīya Upaniṣad (c. 6th century bc) to define Brahman and, simultaneously, the highest state of the individual self.

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